Oil Absorbent Booms

By using special equipment such as oil booms, sensitive locations can be protected from oil slicks during spill responses. Oil booms are temporary floating barriers that are used to contain oil spills. Your company can easily recover oil from surface layers captured by oil booms to reduce pollution along shorelines, rivers, and oceans.

A large part of our facility is dedicated to manufacturing oil containment booms. The oil booms we design contain the oil and slow down its spread using plastic, metal or other materials. For spill containment booms, we manufacture a full spectrum of products that are suitable for various environments and applications. These include conventional booms, air-inflated booms, self-inflating booms, and permanent booms.


Offshore Oil Booms

Nearshore Oil Booms

Oil Booms for Ports/Ponds

Oil Booms for Rivers and Fast Waters

Industrial Oil Booms


Oil booms 

Oil-absorbing pillow

Oil absorbent felt 

Suction doughnut 

Oil Absorbing Roll 

Oil boom


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