Shear pump

Shear pump

Shear pumps are mostly used in manufacturing fluids like oil. Most of the industries prefer to produce oil along with water for which liquids have to be dispersed.

Shear pumps are used for creating shear forces that are effective in dispersing the liquids that have different densities and molecular structures. Shear pumps are widely preferred by most people working for industries and factories.




Shear Pumps are an essential piece of equipment and part of the mud cleaning process. It is a mechanical device that is used for the purpose of pumping liquid and semi-solids. The principle used for the device to work is the high shear force that is produced in between the working head. A Shear Pump simply uses a high-speed rotor powered by an electric motor. They work on the fluid, creating a flow and shear.

The shear pumps have a hydration system attached, which quickly cuts and dilutes hydrated polymers. A unique mechanical composite steel technology is used in the shear pump to ensure that there is no leakage. The high wear-resistant metallic materials are used for the impellers and the casing, which prolongs their service life. The Impeller is structured in a way that is according to the principle of fluid mechanics and results in increased liquidity. The low shear force results in the efficient working of this Shear Pump. Now, check the features and buy a shear pump at highly affordable prices.

Main Features of Shear Pump

  • Impeller
  • Hydration system
  • High-speed rotor
  • Electric motor
  • A power device

Technical Parameters of Shear pump

  Model   ABJ Q B 6 5 4 5   ABJ Q B 6 5 3 5
Flow 1 2 0 m ³ / h 1 0 0 m ³ / h
Lif t 4 5 m 3 5 m
Power 5 5 Kw 3 7 Kw
Speed 1 4 5 0 r / m in 1 4 5 0 r / m in
Weight 9 8 0 Kg 8 0 0 Kg