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Decanter centrifuge, or better, Decanter fluid centrifuge, is equipment that is part of the mud cleaning process. In simplest terms, it is a sedimentation tank wrapped around an axis. It is used for recovering barites and removing solid but small particles while also reducing the solid content in the mud. The result is better drill fluid performance. And in contrast to the chamber filter presses, the decanters continuously operate and utilize extremely high centrifugal force to separate the finely distributed solid particles.

The Decanter Centrifuge rotates at an extremely high speed and is equipped with an internal conveyor. The G-Force generated by the Decanter centrifuge can be up to three thousand times more than the regular G-Force. This reduces the time for the separation of the denser solid content to mere seconds. The denser solid particles are then compacted and settled into the inner drum to be removed through the solid’s discharge end. The Decanter centrifuge plays a vital role in mud treatment, solid cleaning, and wastewater treatment of biosolids.

Main features of Decanter Centrifuge

  • Feed pipeline inlet
  • A scroll conveyer
  • Solid’s discharge area
  • Power device
  • Decanter Bowl
  • Impeller