Solids control equipment

Centrifugal pump
Decanter centrifuge
Diaphragm pump
Flare ignition device
Jet mud mixer
Mud agitator
Mud cleaner
Mud gas separator
Mud tank
Screw conveyor
Screw pump
Shale shaker
Shear pump
Slurry pump
Submersible slurry pump
Vacuum degasser

Leading Solids Control Equipment Manufacturer in China

Fluid property preservation is crucial to drilling efficiency, wellbore integrity, and overall performance. Our technologies increase fluid life, optimize penetration rates, and assure the return of high-quality drilling fluid to the active system.

We are the finest Solids Control Equipment Manufacturer in China; our solids control specialists can collaborate with you to develop a solution that will increase flow rates, minimize dilution, and reduce the number of chemicals necessary. As a top-quality Solids Control Equipment Manufacturer in China, we make the processing smoother, less garbage is carried, and lower operating costs. The solids control equipment market is driven by rising energy consumption and increased environmental concern.