Screw pump

Screw pump

Screw Pump

The screw pump is used for industrial purposes. It is beneficial in allowing the movement of fluids and solids along the screw axis. A screw pump is also called a water Screw. It uses either one or several skills to move the fluid along the screw axis in the manufacturing and industrial methods.

A Screw pump is an essential piece of equipment that is used for the purpose of feeding slurry in the mud cleaning system. They precisely feed the slurry to the decanter centrifuge in the mud cleaning and recycling process. The Screw pump has strong adaptability to medium and smooth flow. It also has a slight pressure fluctuation as well as high suction capacity, allowing the transfer of high-content slurry for the treatment. The rotor and the stator have unique designs that enable the low rate of internal pump flow while providing a more stable pressure.

The screw and body are made with stainless steel material, which naturally is corrosion resistant and improves the lifespan of the Screw pump. The screw pump does not have many parts in the equipment, which ensures a low risk of damage and maintenance requirements. It has a compact structure with a smaller than what can be considered a standard footprint in the mud cleaning system. Check out the main features and buy a screw pump.

Main features of Screw pump

  • Stainless steel screw
  • Stainless steel body
  • Pump
  • Power device
  • Pipe
  • Rotor
  • Stator