About The Founder

Surui Wang

The founder of Solids Control World.

I know you have a lot of choices from who are dealing with drilling mud solids control system, so I know I have to earn your trust with every post I make. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.
I majored in international studies and graduated from University in 2008. After my studies, my first job was as a general manager assistant. The role was in a city about 23 hours away from my hometown by train, it’s far away.
At the beginning of 2009, a great opportunity arose in my hometown. An opportunity for a job as a international tradesman in GN solids control. When I first started work at GN, I was one of the three initial salesmen at the company. As a sales team, we did our own market research to determine what would work best for the international markets. We developed a trusting relationship with the customers and gained great success.
Resulting from the company’s rapid expansion since then. The company has now become a dominant player in China’s oil drilling mud-control landscape. As an early employee of GN and one of the initial salesmen, it was an honor to grow GN into the success it is today, while also growing myself.
With great success in the growth of GN, the owner decided to move the company to Dachang, Langfang City. This led to myself moving on from GN after great success in the role.

After leaving GN, I had a different position that also dealt with a similar product range. With my years of experience and professional knowledge about products, I was promoted quickly to department manager. The multifaceted nature of the positions allowed me to establish strong customer relations all over the world.
China has the largest and best manufacturer resources in the world, but there are many difficulties and potential risks to find the right suppliers for making quality products. That’s why several of international contacts asked me to help look for suppliers of peripheral products in oil field. I learned a lot from this process, and discovered how to find quality suppliers in China. In 2016, with the encouragement of several clients, I set up my own business as Solidscontrolworld; it marked the start of something big. An opportunity with great support from several clients to establish a successful business. I am full of confidence and hope for the future!