Mud tank

Mud tank

An open-top mud tank can store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. It’s typically made of square tubes and steel plates. Historically, mud pits were simply earthen pits that were once filled with mud.



Mud tanks which are integral within the drilling process. A Mud Tank is typically used in conjunction with Solids Control Equipment for storage and mixing of mud. The mud tanks are fully customisable based on the working conditionswhere the shape, size, orientation and mobility are tailored to the requirement.

Mud tank Features & Benefits

  1. Solids control world sold various types of tank including mud tank, water tank, oil tank,
  2. Solids control world sold mud tanks are usually used to install solids control equipment, storage mud, mixing
  3. According to different working conditions, mud tanks can be customized into horizontal mud tank, vertical mud tank and trailer mounted mud
  4. High quality and low