Steel Frame Shaker Screen

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Steel Frame Shaker Screen

Steel Frame Shaker Screen

Steel Frame Shaker Screen comprises two or three layers of stainless steel mesh.
The density of the strata varies. Arranging these layers correctly can improve the performance of the screen. A Steel Frame Shaker Screen is naturally used to remove solid phase and other contaminants from drilling mud. This type of shale shaker screen’s polyurethane material frame structure assures the screen’s excellent strength and abrasion resistance. 

Solids Control World steel frame shaker screen is commonly used in shale shakers with wedge fastening equipment. The Steel Frame Shaker Screen is created of high-strength square steel tubing welded into a multi-ribbed slab construction that is both strong and long-lasting.
The mesh numbers of the supplied screen meshes differ. The screening effect may be substantially improved by carefully and suitably mixing the screen meshes.

The screen mesh is separated into several tiny independent meshes to minimise local damage and excessive growth. Meanwhile, special rubber is available to fix the damage, saving time and money

Top-quality Steel Frame Shaker Screen Manufacturer in China

Steel frame screens are commonly used in shale shakers equipped with wedge fastening devices. The screen frames are made of high-strength square steel tubing that is welded to a multi-ribbed structure. They are strong and dependable.

Solids Control World, one of the finest Steel Frame Shaker Screen Manufacturers from China, offers clients high-quality Steel Frame Shaker Screen at competitive costs and dependable after-sales service. Our products are reusable, which reduces regulatory and compliance expenses.

We deliver quality assortments of steel shaker screens at a reasonable price. We also produce shaker screen panels for every shale shaker model. Our shale shaker products are extensively utilized in the oil field, sand control, coal mine, and liquid and gas filtering.