Mud gas separator

Mud gas separator

Gas Separator

A mud gas separator also known as poor boy degasser is a special tool designed particularly for degassing gas-invaded mud effectively in the first grade. It is commonly used to remove big bubbles majorly. While these refer to the remaining gases in the fluids that used to fill some parts of a good annulus.

Mud Gas Separator is uniquely designed for effective separation of the mud and gas circulated due to the venting of the gas and also for the returning of the mud to the pits. The remaining amount of the gas, which is significantly smaller than the initial quantity, is then headed off to be handled by the vacuum degasser. Mud Gas Separator is a vital component of the solid control system. The Mud Gas Separator controls the gas cutting when the situation demands; it is primarily utilized during drilling when there is a significant presence of drilled gas in the mud returns. The Mud Gas Separator removes the bubbles with a diameter equal to or larger than φ3mm.

A Mud Gas Separator is simply a cylindrical body with openings. The mud and gas mix is inserted through the inlet and directed at the flat steel plate. It is this plate that assists with the separation. The baffles inside the turbulence also assist with the process. The separated gas and mud are then vented through different outlets.

Main features of the Mud Gas Separator

  • Steel Cylindrical Body
  • Separator inlet
  • Gas and Mud outlets
  • Flat Steel Plate