Jet mud mixer

Jet mud mixer

Jet Mud Mixer

Jet mud mixer is used in industries especially for construction.  it is heavy-duty equipment that is used to increase the weight of the liquids especially by adding Bentonite. They are also used for changing the viscosity of a liquid along with the density of the fluid. It also performs the function of dehydration in a place where you want to remove water.

Jet Mud Mixer is specialized equipment used in the solid control process. Its purpose is to configure and aggravate the drilling fluid. This results in changes in the density, viscosity, and pH levels of the drilling fluid. The drilling fluid and other drilling additives are appropriately blended and homogenized. It is crucial that the drilling fluid materials and the addition agents are first entered into the mud tank as otherwise, they could precipitate or conglobate. The Jet Mud Mixer prevents that from happening.

Jet Mud Mixer is safe and stable solid control equipment that can be moved conveniently without any issue. It contains a centrifugal pump, mud mixing hopper, base, and pipelines. The pump is fixed on the base and operated via an electric motor. The fluid is entered via the impeller. Mud Hopper mixes the additives into the system and is connected with the pump via the pipelines. All of these are fixed with the base for smooth functioning. Jet Mud Mixer eases life and the electric motor is of the best quality.

Main Features of Jet Mud Mixer

  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Mud mixing hopper
  • Impeller
  • Electric motor
  • Diffuser