solids control equipment supplier

Professional Solids Control
Supplier from China

Professional Solids Control Supplier from China
Leading Supplier of Solids Control Equipment

Solids control world has 13 years of experience in solids control equipment purchase. The inspection system is set and every process is under strict quality control.

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What Solidscontrolworld has achieved since 2016

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We have 13 years of experience in the field of solids control systems. Let SOLIDS CONTROL WORLD help you achieve business success.

Customized design and logo are acceptable.
Fast response, up to 30 people team support to reply within two hours, quote within two days at the slowest.
Support the fastest delivery time, spare parts within 3-7 days, equipments within 25 days.
Take product quality seriously,free inspection.
Get competitive prices for customer,help them achieve success.
Respond positively to disputes over product quality issues and never evade responsibility

Our work

We stock the most comprehensive ranges of solids control equipment in the Mining & Industrial, Oil & Gas Drilling, and Civil Construction industries. We’re sure to have the exact equipment you need for your projects. Our technical crew brings with them years of drilling experience to each client project.
Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to help you and is dedicated to making sure your experience with us is a positive as possible. They’ll help you control the costs of any project, ensure you receive top-quality equipment where and when you need it, and reduce the risk in purchasing. They’ll help you select the right tools for the right job, regardless of the type of situation or drilling conditions.


Products of Solids control world have been exported to over 40 countries around the world
All equipments are manufactured according to the API Standard.
API RP 13C compliant shaker screens can be chosen for all main shale shaker brands, and Electrical Control Product complies with IEC Ex or ATEX standard
We are the leading trade company in the solids control field in China!

our destination

We understand that every drilling project comes with its own objectives and its own risks. That’s why we take the time to talk with our clients so we can fully understand what they want to achieve, and what obstacles they might need to overcome.
We’re looking forward to doing business with you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Your advantages with Solids Control World


A member of our highly experienced team can help you and decide which equipment is best for your project. Firstly, all kinds of drilling mud, river sludge, including all solids control systems,. In addition, we offer a full range of drilling solutions and equipment.


The quality of our products and our outstanding prices, also our friendly customer service are our top priorities. For instance, supplier relationships play a critical role in our success. Similarly, each piece of equipment that we offer comes with a quality guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting the best.


First of all, customer satisfaction is always our goal. However, it is important to understand that every drilling project has its own objectives and risks. Similarly, to fully understand what our clients want and we make sure to ask questions so we can fully understand what they are trying to accomplish.


On all of our drilling solutions and equipment, we provide a one-year guarantee. In addition, we also supply lots of drilling equipment spare parts.


In other words, our company understands how crucial it is for your business to decide what drilling equipment is ideal for your project. In addition, for your drilling project to be successful, on time, and within budget, you need to make risk-free choices.


With over 20 years of drilling experience, our team is eager to design the ideal drilling solution for your situation. In addition, regardless of the type of situation or drilling conditions. For instance, they'll help you select the right tools for the job.