Replacement shaker screen for Brandt

  • Brandt replacement shaker screens combine established mesh combinations with unibody construction for better separation efficiency.
  • These replacement shaker screens are made to suit the shale shaker’s precise design parameters and can be put directly on the machine using the standard wedges.
  • Brandt replacement shaker screens furnish longer screen life and lower total screen expenditures.
  • A robust, unibody construction enables excellent energy transmission to the screen for maximum separation efficiency.
  • The replacement shaker screen for Brandt is designed to fit the precise design criteria of shale shakers. The replacement shaker screen for Brandt can be replaced directly on the machines using the standard installation methods.
  • Screen cloths in X-tra Fine (XF) and Rectangular Heavy-Duty (RHD) sizes are available.
  • The replacement shaker screen for Brandt delivers a selection of screen cloth designs to suit the drilling purpose.