Solar Light Tower

solar hybrid light tower

Solar Light Tower

Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower 




Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower Solar Light Tower 

Technical Parameters of Solar Light Tower

Type of Lights 2X60W LED 4X8OW LED 4X100W LED 6X1D0W LED 6X150W LED
Lights Output DC24V18,000LUMS DC24V 36,000LUMS DC24V,60,000LUMS DO24W 90,000LUMS DC48V,135,000LUMS
Solar Panel Monccrystalline Slicon Monocrystalire Slicon Monocrystalina Silicon Monocrystalline Silicon Monocrystalline Silicon
Rate Power 1x455W 2x455W 3x380W 4x455W 6x455W
PV Controller MPPT 20A MPPT 30A MPPT 40A MPPT 60A Ge-battary
Type of Batery Ge-batterys Ge-batlery Gel-battery Ga-batiery MPPT 60A
No. of Battery 2X15DAH DC12V 4X150AH DC12V 6X150AH DC12V 8X200AH DC12V BX250AH DC12VV
Battery Capacity 300AH 300AH 450AH 400AH 500AH
Noise DataSystem Voltage DC12V DC24V DC24V DC48V DC48V
Madimumn Height 4.5m/6m optional 6m/7m9m 7m9m optional 7m9m optional 7m/9m Optional
Wind Fafing Speed 100KNH 100KNH 100KNH 100KNH 100KNH
Lifing Systam Mamual / elactric optional Mamual / elactric optional Manual / Elactric/Hydraulic Manual / Electric/Hydraulic Electric/Hydraulic
Axde NO: Single axle Single axle Single axle Single axle Single axle/Doule axle
Tyre and Rim 14 inch 14 inch 15 inch 15 inch 15 inch
Stabilizer leg 4PCS Manual 4PCS Manual 4PCS Manual 4PCS Manual 4PCS Manual
Tow Hitch 50mm ball / 70mm Ring 50mm ball / 70mm Ring 50mm ball / 70mm Ring 50mm ball / 70mm Ring 50mm ball / 70mm Ring
Working Temperature -35-60C -35-60C -35-60C -35-60C -35-60C
Operate Time 21 hours 21 hours 19 hours 22 hours 18 hours
Charge Time (Solar) 8 hours 8 hours 9 hours 10 hours 8 hours
Charge Time (AC) / / / / /
Dimensions 2356x2104x2415mm 2356x2104x2765mm 3325x1575x2525mm 3630x2240x2525mm 3630x2195x2525mm
Dry Weight 650kg 750kg 1265kg 1660kg 2180kg
20GP container 8units 6units 3units 2units 2units
40HQ container 16units 14units 7units 4units 4units



Solid Control World is your one-stop source for cutting-edge solutions in the field of solids control and industrial equipment. Our latest innovation – Solar Light Towers – is presented in this section. Providing eco-friendly and reliable lighting in a variety of industries, solar hybrid light towers achieve unparalleled performance. You can say goodbye to diesel-powered light towers and embrace a more sustainable approach.


The solids control world has concentrated on combining portable lighting towers with renewable energy technology to create a cost effective lighting solution that uses no diesel power.

A minimum run time of 19 hours ensures that the units are capable of sustaining multiple shifts on site, powering an event comfortably or providing dusk-to-dawn lighting solutions to support safety regulations.

Solar energy is the most suitable alternative whenever electricity from the grid or diesel engines is unavailable, unreliable, or incompatible.

The units are easy to transport because they are mounted on single axle all terrain trailers that can easily be towed by light vehicles.

The Solids control world also incorporates a simple user interface that allows for remote power consumption monitoring and advanced solar control systems to maximize solar power output.


The solar lighting towers are suitable for a number of applications, including the following:

  • Construction of roads and civil works
  • Lighting for car parks 
  • Lighting used in sports and recreational activities 
  • Construction work is performed at night 
  • Locations outside the grid
  • Camps for the mining industry 
  • Events 
  • Agriculture
  • Hire companies provide this service to end users

Solid Control World’s Solar Light Towers exemplify innovation, efficiency, and eco-friendly design. Let solar energy power your projects and illuminate a brighter and greener future. Get in touch with us now to discover our range of solar light tower solutions.