The cost of shaker screens and detailed difference

A shaker screen is a sieve that works on the vibration principle. It has a vibrating screen to strain the silt and the mud. So, it plays a significant role in the filtration of mud. The shaker screen also pushes the mud back into the hole and fills the cavity. But, how much should you invest in this screen? Shaker screens are of different types, and you can find a variation in the cost.

Quality is, of course, the biggest factor that affects the cost of the shaker screen. Moreover, you can notice a price difference depending on the shaker screen type you have chosen.

What Makes A Difference In The Cost Of Your Shaker Screen?

You can look for a reliable vendor to buy the most cost-effective shaker screens. The best manufacturers use high-quality raw materials to design these screens. For instance, stainless steel wire is a long-lasting option for users. You may also check the quality certificate while buying the shaker screen from a company. You will learn how much Chromium, Nickel, and other elements have been used for designing the product.

However, the material is not the only factor for the shaker screen. The wire diameter and the screen cloth opening are other aspects related to the price. Many wire mesh makers combine screens with consistent wire and premium features. But, some manufacturers choose low-grade material for this purpose. The clear difference is in the screen surface.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Quality Shaker Screen?

The cost of a shaker screen is between USD 50 and USD 140. The panels are used for gas and oil drilling solids control. You can find screen panels of varying sizes. For instance, the cost of a soft hook strap shaker screen is around USD50. But, if you have chosen a corrugated screen panel, the cost may be USD120. Furthermore, the flat panel is available at around USD90. Even if the mesh screen size and model are the same, the panel type makes a price difference.

There are several manufacturers of shaker screens in China, and you can notice a significant variation in the cost. However, the difference is also in the appearance, package, and raw materials.

While comparing materials, you will find a lot of options like an internal frame tube, wire mesh, and a layer. Some manufacturers use composite injection stuff, including colour powder, fiberglass, and plastic powder. Steel frames are made of these materials. So, you have to evaluate the frame quality while comparing the prices.

Know About Different Types Of Shaker Screens

Depending on the type of screen you have chosen, you need to compare the cost.

Best Hook Strip Flat Screen

Hook Strip Flat Screen

Hook Strip Screen

It is one of the most popular shaker screen panels with 1 to 3 cloth screens or stainless steel layers attached to a steel plank. You can choose this screen panel for almost any type of shale shaker. In case of the cloth layer, a plastic or metal grid plate is enmeshed properly. The screen remains fitted to the shaker deck. The rips of the screen have rubber plugs. The mesh size ranges from 12 to 275.

  • Variation in density in different layers. To make a proper arrangement of layers, there will be a better and higher screening effect. The screen has various mesh counts and backing plates with compatible opening sizes.
  • A coarse wire is present in the bottom layer that has fewer mesh counts. It remains bonded tightly to the backing and creates a block.
  • The mesh has a number of small units, and it prevents the excessive spreading of the rigs. Damages are reparable with rubber stoppers.

Pyramid Shaker Screen

A corrugated or pyramid shaker screen is a replacement screen with a single-sided compression system. It is an innovative product in the shaker screen manufacturing industry. Moreover, it has thinner and smaller mesh sizes when compared to steel shaker screens. The screen with a finer mesh size ensures better capabilities of solids removal. You can use it with shakers of different categories like circular motion, elliptical, and linear motion shakers. The pyramid shaker screen has a good 3D structure and incredible permeability.

If you compare a pyramid shaker with hook strip soft and flat screens, you will find it with a considerable non-blank area. Because of the screen’s corrugations, the shaker’s capacity has significant improvement. Besides, the cut-point of this screen is similar to the flat shaker screen. Pyramid shaker screens are available at a reasonable cost. You can also replace your shale shaker screen with a pyramid shaker screen.

For any application of the pyramid shaker screen, you have to submerge it fully in a drilling fluid. However, if the surface is dry, you may choose the hook strip screen.

Frame Panel Shaker Screen

It is a standard shaker screen that needs occasional replacement because of damage. You should invest in a quality product that withstands heavy loads. You can replace your mounted shaker decks with the frame panel screen. Steel frame shaker screens have multiple stainless steel wire mesh layers. Its layers are attached together to add durability to the screen.

Overall, the screen is categorized into a number of separate meshes to avoid too much extension by damage. Rubber plugs are repairable easily, and they will save you precious time. The advantages of frame panel shaker screens are

  • Wear-resistant
  • High-strength steel frame
  • A considerable loading capacity
  • Solid structure
  • Reliable panel pressure distribution
  • Less downtime
  • High working efficiency
  • Available in a range of shades

Check Effectiveness And Design While Comparing Shaker Screen Costs

The mesh size and screen design are major aspects of determining effectiveness.

Depending on the mesh size, you can identify which sized particles are removable by the screen. However, what do you mean by the screen mesh? It refers to the number of openings of holes developed in every linear inch when gauged from the wire’s center.

For instance, the dimension of a rectangular mesh is around 50 by 40. If the measurement of the length is 50, it includes 50 openings with a gap of 1 inch. On the contrary, if the breadth size is 40, it denotes 40 openings. You should also focus on the particle size to identify its effectiveness.

Mesh size design and space consider different parameters like the feed rate, fluid viscosity, and the particle’s cohesiveness. You may find mud buildups on the screen, and it results in clogging problems. So, the screening process can become less effective. It means there should be a proper mesh structure, and you would be able to use it to sieve fine particles.

Over time, there has been an advancement in the screen mesh structure. Oblong designs have replaced the traditional style of spherical design. But, it is not easy to understand the maximum particle size that works with it.

Shaker Screens

Check The Flow Capability Of The Shaker Screen

Flow capability is another aspect that influences your shaker screen cost. The passage through the hole and conductance are major parts related to flow capability. Conductance refers to the available open space in your mesh. This space is an effective area for screening purposes.

Flow capability refers to the total feed that passes through your shaker screen in a particular timeframe. But, drilling conditions are not the same every time. It needs different screen designs and meshes to lead to different feed rates. You can determine the flow capability by submerging a shaker screen in water and oil. It also helps you test the permeability. The screen label shows a number to help you make the right decision.

Make Your Shaker Screen Long-Lasting And Save Costs

The best quality mesh screen is long-lasting, but the overall design can make a difference in the screen life. You should also focus on operating characteristics to calculate the average screen life. Clean the screen as a part of your precautionary step. Besides, you must manage the screen properly while installing it. It is also essential to maintain appropriate tension. Make sure that there are no overload screens. These are some tips for using and maintaining your shaker screen.

The mud volume passing the screen and the capacity of the screen vary widely. The drilling rate, screen mesh, drilling rate, viscosity, and weight are major factors that affect the output to some level.

If the screen material does not fulfil your screening requirements, there is a risk of quick damage to the screen. So, when selecting your vibrating screen machine, you have to find the right mesh. If the strength of the screen tensioning is not adequate, you may notice damage or strip fracture.


You can look for the best supplier and manufacturer of shaker screens to buy them at an affordable rate. It is essential to compare both price and quality while buying the screen. It is an excellent choice to have good quality shaker screens from Solidscontrolworld. Check the screen design, mesh size, and other factors to know its efficiency. Solidscontrolworld supplies the samples of shaker screens. It is better to avoid buying cheap, low-quality panels. Install the chosen shaker on the screen and determine the performance.