What Are The Best Shale Shaker Screens? How To Use Them

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A Shale shaker screen refers to the type of mechanical screen. It can separate solids and take them out from drilling fluid such as mud. Most shale shaker screens have stainless steel, composite, or polyurethane frame. The shale shaker has a moving or vibrating screen that removes cuttings from the mud for easy disposal. The vibrating sieve or screen can strain the cutting out of the mud. So, it plays a vital role before pumping the mud back into the borehole.

Shale shakers have become the easiest and most commonly used solids removal equipment. It can reduce costs during drilling applications. It comes in handy when you use a liquid as a drilling fluid. Circulate rate, drilling fluid properties, and shaker design control the screen selection. Unfortunately, when you use shale shakers incorrectly, the performance of the solid removal equipment falls down. Hence, you should choose the best shale shakers and use them properly. Read ahead to know more.

Low Price Shale Shakers Screen

Benefits Of Shale Shaker Screen

While shale shaker has high significance, most people often overlook this piece of equipment. It has high importance on a drilling rig. The shale shaker screen acts as the first line of defense against major solids control equipment and drill cuttings. A Shale shaker can ensure solids control. Therefore, it can ensure the following benefits:

  • Increased drilling
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Reduced mud costs
  • Enhanced bit life

Choosing The Best Shale Shaker Screens

To control the mud and chip, you have to choose the best shale shaker screen. It is a prominent factor in the enhanced efficiency of the equipment. The equipment you choose must suit the specific needs of your project. It includes selecting the accurate vibrating screen needed according to the drill cutting’s type and the characteristics of the mud. Here are some of the factors you should check:

Type Of Shale Shaker Screen

Depending on the type of project, you need to choose the shale shaker screen. Below given are the types of shale shaker screens:

Linear Motion Shale Shakers

It is the equipment incorporating the latest shaker technology. It is the shaker used commonly for solid control in the gas and oil drilling industries. The linear motion using a pair of shafts may provide enhanced cutting conveyance. The shafts rotating in the opposite directions can also ensure improved liquid retention due to uphill slope operation.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shakers

The shale shakers with balanced elliptical motion may prove effective where you expect a high and heavy presence of solids while drilling top-hole sections. This type of shale shaker produces an unbalanced force due to a difference in power between the two vibrating motors. This type of shale shaker can remove solids effectively. It can also aid in eliminating larger particles present in the drilling fluids. It reduces screen consumption due to the relatively moderate vibration strength of this type of shale shaker.

Circular Motion Shale Shakers

This type of shale shaker has a single vibrator shaft. You can locate it at the shaker tray’s center of mass. The motors have concentric shaft has counterweights fitted to them that provides a circular motion. The circular motion can help transport solids that can lower the drilling fluid loss. This type of shale shaker can operate as stacked units.

Circular Motion Shale Shakers

Proper Using Of Shale Shaker Screens

Like finding the perfect shale shaker screen, you should also ensure proper use of it. Maintaining the shale shaker screen has high significance as selecting the screen itself. While using it for normal drilling, you have to ensure the fluid flows properly through the screen tube. It needs to flow at a distance of 25% to 50% from the furthest outgoing line.

It is vital to make the shaker horizontal for a more consistent position. This position across the screen ensures the selection of the correct size grid. Raising or jacking up the shaker plate can lead to the solid spending increased amount of time close to the shaker screen’s flow line. It can reduce the vibrating screen’s life.

While using the shaker, never puncture the mesh that can happen when cleaning the screen. Puncturing the mesh can reduce the screen’s effectiveness. Using shaker screens without a top grid also reduces the effectiveness. Hence, you have to replace it with a vibrating screen having holes in it. Maintaining the shale shaker can improve the efficiency and efficiency of the shale shaker screens.

Replacing Shale Shaker Screens

While using shale shaker screens, you need to ensure their efficiency. Hence, it requires replacing. Replacing the shale shaker screen can involve less cost compared to replacing the mud system or rebuilding the directional tool and mud pump. It is vital to ensure the other components such as the rubber shaker bypass and shaker work well. It is because the opening of the bypass during the drilling can result in the shale entering the mud tank present below. It results in zero efficiencies. While drilling, shale can end up in the feed pump’s screen box. It leads to the reduction of the volume centrifuge volume. Checking the screen box can help you understand the need for the shale shaker screen replacement. The higher efficiency of the shale shaker screen can result in high success rates of the centrifuge.

Applications Of Shale Shakers

Do you know that a foot of good drilling can generate around 1.2 barrels of mud? This waste drilling mud can impact the overall cost and effectiveness of the drilling activities. Many drilling companies can feel the negative impact of the waste mud. The companies need to focus on waste control and the environmental hazards linked to it while drilling. Hence, such companies look for solids control equipment to lower the cost while increasing effectiveness. Using the best shale shakers can come to the rescue in such cases. Many modern drill rigs have included shale shakers in the processing of drilling fluid to increase efficiency and throughput.

While shale shakers have overwhelming use in the production and exploration of petroleum products, they can also prove significant in other industries. So, shale shakers can prove important in any industry that requires the removal of solids. The mining industry uses screening devices such as shale shakers. The features such as fine screening and linear vibration capabilities can make shale shakers desirable to the precious metal and coal mining companies. The process industry can also make use of the shake shaker equipment for a variety of applications requiring screening and shakers. Clients also use it in the process flow of paper, chemicals, powder, sand, plastic, and other significant plants.


Seek Assistance From The Professional Team

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Pre-Sales Services

The expert team will consult with you to decide on the best drilling equipment needed for the project. It is the most crucial decision your business can make for the best results. The experts can provide the confidence to help you make risk-free choices for project success. The consultation offered before the start of the project can help you decide on the following:

  • The best equipment suited for your specific project
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Current Project Services

The expert team at Solid Control World can offer free other services after deciding on the best equipment needed for the project. The range of services offered will aid in the installation, usage, and maintenance of the equipment selected. The current project services include:

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  • Professionals compile customer-specific procedures to make it easier for clients to install and run the equipment provided as required.
  • Assign personal customer liaison contact for every client to help them receive, install, and use the equipment provided by the team.

After Sales Services

Solid Control World can also provide after-sales services to clients. It will help the clients maintain the equipment accessed to enhance efficiency. This step will help you complete the project. The equipment accessed from the team will receive the following:

  • One-year guarantee and free service while commissioning and training for the first time.
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  • Ten-year validity for spare parts and maintenance for the listed equipment.

Solid Control World always provides clients with the best services to ensure you never face any problems. The technical support provided can overcome any issue with ease. You get prompt solutions based on the defect report or technical support request.