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Model ABZJ101-8N ABZJ101-12N ABCNQ100-8N ABCNQ100-12N
Capacity 120m3/h ( 528GPM) 240m3/h (1056GPM) 120m3/h ( 528GPM) 240m3/h (1056GPM)
D-SILTER 8×4″ (100mm) 12×4″ (100mm) 8×4″ (100mm) 12×4″ (100mm)
Matching Pump 30kw 55kw 30kw 55kw
Rated Motors Output 0.4 kw(O.53hp)x2 (OLI) 00.4 kw(O.53hp)x2 (OLI) 0.4 kw(O.53hp)X1 (OLI) 0.4 kw(O.53hp)X1 (OLI))
Output Force ≤7.0 Gs ≤7.0 Gs ≤6.5 Gs ≤6.5 Gs
Operating 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F)
Design Range -40-50°C (-40-122°F) -40-50°C (-40-122°F) -40-50°C (-40-122°F) -40-50°C (-40-122°F)
Noise Data 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA
Screen Size 585×1165 mm 585×1165 mm 600X1600 mm 600X1600 mm
Screen Qty 1pc 1pc 1pc 1pc
Filtering Area 0.70m2(7.8ft2) 0.70m2(7.8ft2) 1 m2 (ft2) 1 m2 (ft2)
Screen Mesh API 150/175 API 150/175 API 150/175 API 150/175
Weight 660 900 660 700
Dimension 1450x1390x1810 1450x1390x1810 1465x1550x1960 1465x1550x1960
Voltage 220-240V/ 50Hz, 380-415V/ 50Hz, 440-480V/ 60Hz, 575-600V/ 60Hz
Approvals UL/ATEX/BV/IADC/JAS-ANZ ISO 9001:2015


People who are linked to the construction business or work for industries must know the importance of desilter. Desilter is a hydrocyclone that is used to separate the sand particles from each other.


There are various features that you can get through our manufacturer Desilters.  Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent features.

Variety of models

You can get various models of desilter from us. We provide four significant models for those who want to seek excellence in their industrial work. You can purchase according to your need and requirement depending on the site of work and also the type of sand you are using.

Capacity and output force

Desilter having a large capacity is considered best. There is a large capacity provided by each of our models which can make your work convenient and easy. The output is excellent for every model; this allows them to separate all the particles of the sand perfectly.

Weight of the desilter

Every model comes in a different weight but they are lighter as compared to other desilters. The lighter weight makes them very convenient to handle. You can use it at all sites easily and also carry them along with you.

Matching pump

It is very necessary to have a perfect matching pump in a desilter. We provide 30kw of matching pumps in two models of our desilter. However, the other two come with a matching pump of 55kw.

Noise data

The noise data for each of the desilter is 75- 85 dBA which will not cause much noise pollution. it will also be easy to work while running the desilter.

Benefits of Desilter:

There are many benefits of desilter especially if you work for an industry. Some of the benefits that you can get while using our manufactured desilter are described below.

They are very affordable; you can get them at an affordable price.

Our desilters will provide you services on the level of Excellence. 

They are specially designed for construction and industrial sites

They will help you in separating the small and large sand particles very effectively.

They have fewer noise data comparatively which is healthy for the environment

You will get a great output force while using our desilters. 


We manufacture the best desilters specially designed for industrial and construction companies. Some of the most prominent features and benefits of our product are described above.