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Model Capacity Pressure Max speed Power Inlet Outlet
ABG701 44m³/h 0.3Mpa 720RPM 11Kw 150mm 125mm
ABG851 55m³/h 0.3Mpa 720RPM 15Kw 150mm 150mm
ABG851 55m³/h 0.3Mpa 550RPM 15Kw 150mm 125mm
ABG1051 65m³/h 0.3Mpa 380RPM 18.5Kw 200mm 150mm
ABG1051 87m³/h 0.3Mpa 500RPM 22Kw 200mm 150mm


The screw pump is used for industrial purposes. It is beneficial in allowing the movement of fluids and solids along the screw axis. A screw pump is also called a water Screw. It uses either one or several skills to move the fluid along the screw axis in the manufacturing and industrial methods.


There are various features provided to you by our screw pumps to make your Industrial experience easier and comfortable.

You can get different models of screw pumps according to the purpose that you are seeking. There are a total of 5 models of screw pumps provided to our customers conveniently by us. All the models are efficient and high quality that can make your work convenient for you. 

Capacity matters a lot because it decides the amount of fluid that A Screw pump can pass along the screw access. This is why we have manufactured our products having a high capacity for moving fluid. 

Screw pumps are effective if they can move the fluid through pressure. There is a specific pressure for all the models of screw pumps available with us. 

The maximum speed of the screw pump also decides its effectiveness. This is why we have manufactured screw pumps that provide high speed for moving fluid. 


There are many benefits of screw pumps that can prove to be very significant for completing your industrial tasks.

Screw pumps can let you be in power by allowing the exact fluid and solid required at a specific time to pass through the screw axis. 

They can make the flow of fluid and solid convenient with the pressure of your requirement. 

The screw pump that is manufactured by us also has high power and speed which makes them efficient. 

You can purchase screw pumps in different models at affordable prices 

Using our screw pumps can save a lot of your time because they are efficient and have a huge power to pass the fluid and solid.

Screw pump that is provided by us are durable and long-lasting which can be used for a longer time


Some of the specific features and benefits of the screw pumps manufactured by us are mentioned. You should get your hands on the screw pumps that are specially designed to make your industrial experience better and convenient.

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