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Diameter 2”(Φ50) 2”(Φ50) 3”(Φ80) 3”(Φ80)
Valve ID 50mm 50mm 80mm 80mm
Interface Size 2″ 2″ 3″ 3″
Pressure 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa
Nozzle number 3 1 3 1
Rotation angle 120°/0 120° 120°/0 120°
Remark rotate/non-rotate rotate rotate/non-rotate rotate


A mud gun is an efficient tool that is used for mixing the drilling mud in a specific circulatory motion. It also prevents the mud from deposition at a specific place or precipitation. They are used for solid control systems especially in a drilling rig that makes them effective for industrial and construction purposes.


There are many features of a mud gun that are given below. You can have a look to get a better idea of our product.

4 models are available with us. Each model is best in design and efficiency. It varies in different characteristics that are specific about each type.


The diameter of the mud gun decides the amount of mud that it can allow to drill. It comes in 2 and 3 diameter which makes it very effective.


Each model has its pressure. You can purchase according to your requirement and need for a specific task that you are trying to perform. It depends on many factors.

Nozzle number

For two of the models, the nozzle number is 1 while for the other two nozzle numbers it is 3.

Rotation angle

The rotation angle of each gun is 120° which provides it with a high rotation power.

Interface size

The interface size of the two models of mud gun is 2 while the other two have an interface size of 3.

Valve ID

The valve ID is 50mm for 2 of the models while the other 2 have a valve ID that is 80mm.


You can achieve various benefits from this gun. Some of the most important benefits are given below.

It allows you to have proper control while mixing and drilling the mud. 

It is very affordable and also providing efficiency.

The weight of the mud gun is very light which makes it very convenient. 

It can mix and drill mud in different compartments which makes it very convenient. 

You can regulate the flow according to your own choice

Our mud guns are high quality that will last longer than you think. 

They are very easy and convenient to use. 

Mud Gun is a part of the mud cleaning process and is designed to be used in solid control systems. It is a tool that is primarily utilized for the purpose of mixing drilling mud while ensuring that the mud does not precipitate. It is made with high-quality standard steel, with the nozzles being from polyurethane and tungsten carbide alloy. It is a simple but highly useful tool in the solid control system. The equipment is easy to operate while also being flexible in nature. The equipment is divided into three – low, medium, and high pressure.

The mud gun is usually operated with a mud agitator, which is often found at the top of the circulating tank. The objective of the mud gun is to prevent any kind of solid precipitation and transport the drilling fluid between the tanks. The equipment also is utilized with a centrifugal pump and mud pump for an effective result. The simple design allows anyone to use the mud guns without much training. This mud gun is easy to use.

Main features of Mud Gun

  • Discharge nozzles
  • Simple gun design
  • Flexible operation



Some of the best features and benefits that you can achieve by using our mud gun are mentioned. You can have a look at our product and purchase according to your requirements from the number of models available. They are beneficial for many industrial and commercial purposes.

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