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Model Power (KW) Water performance
Flow  (m³/h) Lift  (m) Speed (r/min) Max efficiency  (η%) Cavitation margin  NPSH(m) Weight (Kg)
1.5/1B-AB 2.2-15 3.6-20 5-68 1200-3800 40 2-4 91
2/1.5B-AB 2.2-15 7-48 7-62 1200-3200 45 3.5-8 118
3/2C-AB 4-30 21-86 12-65 1300-2700 55 4-6 191
4/3C-AB 5.5-30 50-150 9-45 1000-2000 71 4-6 263
4/3D-AB 7.5-60 68-160 10-52 1000-2200 71 4-6 363
6/4D-AB 15-60 72-360 12-56 800-1550 65 5-8 626
6/4E-AB 22-120 93-385 12-63 800-1600 65 5-8 728
8/6E-AB 18.5-120, 360-820 10-61 500-1100 72 2-9 1473
8/6R-AB 110-300 360-820 10-61 500-1140 72 2-9 1836
10/8ST-AB 45-560 630-1300 11-60 400-850 71 4-10 3750
12/10ST-AB 55-560 800-1900 7-58 350-730 82 6 4318
14/12ST-AB 75-560 1200-2600 13-60 300-600 77 3-10 4609
16/14TU-AB 160-1200 1368-3000 11-60 250-550 79 4-10 10000


A slurry pump is a tool that is used to pump the liquid that contains solid particles. It is a beneficial tool that can be used for industrial and construction purposes. A slurry pump is important especially if you have a construction company.


Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent features of the slurry pump. It can be very significant for you to provide excellence to your constructive and industrial work.

We provide centrifugal pumps in a wide range. You can choose the model that suits your mechanical work best. There are a total of 11 models available that you can purchase.

Flow of fluid

The flow of fluid is determined and very even while using a Slurry pump. For every model, there is a specific flow of the fluid. The even and smooth flow of fluid will make your mechanical work easier. It is also very effective in inflowing the large solid particles within the fluid.

The efficiency of the Slurry pump

Slurry pumps that are manufactured by us are very efficient while performing the task. They will not lose efficiency even after a long time.

Output and input power

Our Slurry pumps come with a huge output and input power which makes them very effective while working. For each of the models, the output and input power varies according to the requirement.


There are various benefits that you can see while using centrifugal pumps for mechanical purposes.

They do not require maintenance; you can use Slurry pumps for a long time even without caring about their maintenance. 

They make the mechanical work simple bypassing solid particles within the fluid effectively.

They are very convenient making your work simpler and easier.

you can get the slurry pumps at affordable prices

We provide slurry pumps in various models so that everyone can purchase according to the requirement. 

It doesn’t weigh much which means it will be convenient to use.

The output force is best enabling you to get done with your construction work in lesser and quality time. 


Slurry pumps are widely used by mechanics because they can regulate the flow of fluid having solid particles. You can make your words simpler and faster by using the slurry pump. We provide various models that can be very beneficial for the task you are performing. Have a look at the huge variety available and choose according to your need.

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