5 of the Best Shaker Screens Manufacturers

Many types of equipment help businesses complete projects on time. Shale shaker screens refer to the drilling equipment component. It can play a vital role in several industries like mining, coal processing, and oil & gas drilling. This equipment aids in extracting large solids from the drilling fluids. The use of a shaker screen acts as the first step in the solids control system on a drill. Shale shaker screens have a high prominence in the upstream market of the oil and gas industry. However, it also plays a huge role in other industries like coal cleaning and mining.

Working Of A Shaker Screen

The shale shakers can remove solids of large size, larger than seventy-five microns, from the drilling fluid. Drilling fluid or drilling mud has a turbid appearance. However, drilling fluids can lubricate and cool the drill a little. Hence, it has significance in the drilling process. Since fluid production has a price, using shale shakers can minimize the cost. The economy improves due to the use of shale shakers as it strips away the cutting for disposal before fluid recycling.

Shale shakers have vibrating screens or sieves. It uses force to push the filtered mud into the mud tank. The screen inclination can vary during the operation. It varies proportionally to the mud flow rate. The shale shaker screen has several components. A standard shale shaker screen includes a shale shaker tank, hopper, feeder, screen basket, vibrator, and basket angling mechanism. The mesh size used may vary based on the various API screen number requirements. The shale shaker screen specification varies depending on the different mesh sizes. Shake screen shakers can use various different frames like steel frames, composite frames, hook strip flat style displays, and pyramid screens.

Use Of Shale Shaker Screen In The Oil And Gas Industry

Shale shaker screens have a high prominence in the oil and gas industry. Extracting natural gas or crude oil from the ground requires deep digging. The equipment penetrates through thousands of feet of the ground containing soil and rock to reach the reservoir of oil. The arduous work can cause the wearing out of equipment within no time. Using shale shaker equipment in the oil and gas industry can help the operators clean and reuse drilling mud or fluid.

 Drilling mud or fluid has become a valuable and expensive resource. Operators pump the drilling fluid through the vibrating screen of shale shakers to eliminate the cuttings from it. It is then pumped back into the well for reuse. This process of reusing drilling fluid saves money and avoids the need to dispose of it. Therefore, it lowers the enforcement and regulatory costs.

Advantages Of Using Shaker Screens

Many industries use the shale shaker screen. The advantages of using this equipment in the operations include:

  • Increased Shaker Capability

You can use types of shaker screens to increase the total amount of usable API. It can increase the usable screen area significantly. It can lead to enhanced fluid handling capacity.

  • Fine Separations

A Shaker screen can ensure more fluid passes through the screen’s top side due to enhanced gravity, permeability, and vibration. The shaker screens can make the separations as fine as forty microns.

  • Easy To Replace

You can easily replace the shaker screens. It can fit almost all shaker types. Hence, you can ensure efficient use of the equipment you use. It requires no modifications or replacement of the existing shaker. It results in saving money.

  • Drier Cuttings

Shaker screens can reduce fluid loss. It occurs due to spreading the fluid in thin layers over an increased screen area. It results in fast drying. It also allows the shale shakers to screen particles of size one or two API. The use of shale shaker screens results in efficiency and saves time.

Best Shaker Screen Manufacturers

Shaker screens

The Best Shaker Screen Manufacturers

If your project requires the best shale shaker screens, you must contact the best in the industry. A professional team with experience and expertise can provide customers with the best choices to avoid risks and ensure the successful completion of the project. The top manufacturers include:

Best Derrick Shale Shaker

Derrick Shale Shaker

#1 Derrick

Derrick Corporation has earned first place in providing solids control equipment to customers. It offers various equipment like a decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, and screen shakers. Projects involving drilling opt for screen shakers from this brand due to maintaining high quality. It promises reliable operation to the customers. Derrick offers the oil & Gas Drilling, Mining & Industrial, and Civil Construction industries pioneering equipment for fine particle screening that ensure high capacity and high efficiency. Advanced and innovative technology can meet the changing needs of various industries.


M-I SWACO offers innovative drilling fluid solutions to clients in the oil and gas industry. Innovative equipment can boost efficiency and reduce costs. In 2010, M-I SWACO became a Schlumberger company. The innovative solutions offered will address the challenges encountered in the drilling environment and demanding applications.

#3 NOV Brandt

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Brandt offers shale shaker screens of advanced technology. It has unique mesh combinations and a top-notch frame design for efficient and effective separation of detrimental drilled solids. The screen shaker from this brand has a unique design to fit COBRA and LCM series shale shakers. NOV provides innovative solutions to the global energy industry to produce energy without harming the environment.

#4 GN Solid Control

GN Solid Control Co. Ltd operating in China and USA provides its customers with innovative separation equipment. Clients can access shaker screens and other high-quality equipment to meet the requirements of their project. The platform established in 2007 has earned the distinction as the first API-certified Solid Control Equipment manufacturer from China.

#5 Solids Control World

Are you looking for a reputed manufacturer providing the best shaker screens? You must connect with the experts at Solids Control World. This platform has become one of the leading suppliers of solid control equipment offering services satisfying the customers. The drilling mud solids control equipment maintaining high standards can meet your specific project needs. The equipment manufacturer with a base in China has an experienced professional behind the scenes. Suruiwang, the founder of the company has more than fifteen years of experience in the field. The company founded in 2016 has provided the best service to its customers.

Why Solid Control World?

As mentioned above, you can find other shake screen manufacturers in the market. Why should you choose Solids Control World? If you wish to enjoy the best experience, choose this platform. Solid Control World has always provided a high standard of customer service. The professional team maintains honesty while providing the services. The services accessible at competitive prices will meet the satisfaction of the customers. The team of experts tries to make the vision of the customer a reality. The drilling solutions and various equipment suit the specific needs of your project. You can drill fluids and waste mud using the service provided by the experts. You can classify the services provided by the expert team into three types:

Pre-Sales Services

Every project requires specific frilling equipment. The experts at Solid Control World connect with their customers to understand their needs. The discussion can help the expert guide the customers in the right direction. Drilling equipment experts can identify the best equipment suitable for project success. After the consultation, customers can decide on the ideal equipment for their current project, its costs, and the best price proposals. The professionals can offer competitive price proposals without compromising on the quality of the equipment.

Current Project Services

A team of professionals with expertise in drilling equipment can offer a free consultation to decide on the ideal equipment required to complete your project. The expert team also provides services to address the installation, usage, and maintenance of selected equipment. The experts can provide the following current project services to the customers:

  • A better understanding of various equipment with the help of detailed documentation to assist the users. Users can follow the guidelines to ensure the correct use of the equipment for increased efficiency without compromising on safety.
  • Compilation of customer-specific procedures by professionals making it easier for the customers to understand the installation and running of equipment according to project needs.
  • Every client gets personal customer liaison contact assigned. It can help the clients receive, install, and use equipment without confusion or doubts.

After Sales Services

Solid Control World provides after-sales services to clients for maintaining the efficiency of the equipment. The expert team can provide after-sales services to complete the project without delay caused due to equipment inefficiency. The expert team can guarantee the following for the equipment received:

  • First-time commissioning and training of equipment can get a one-year guarantee and free service.
  • Access to technical support 24×7 to the clients when they call the telephone number provided. Clients can also access online support via email or a website.
  • Listed equipment spare parts get ten-year validity and maintenance.

Solid Control World has earned a reputation among its clients as the best drilling equipment provider. The best services offered by the expert team can address the complications and challenges faced by the clients. You can access the best solutions promptly depending on the technical support request or defect report.