Advancements in HDD Technology: How New Equipment is Changing the Industry

The term ‘directional drilling’ refers to boring that does not go vertically down. Even if it is a vertical well construction project, it is essential to prevent geological issues. In traditional drilling for different industries, the pipe and the drill bit move straight. However, there is a need for directional alterations in directional drilling processes. Over time, directional drilling has undergone technological improvements. Professionals consider various turns, angles, and underground distances. Multilateral and horizontal techniques are effective oil recovery methods to find a better yield. Let us now talk about innovations in horizontal directional drilling processes.

Know about HDD- How does it work?

Originally, the purpose of using the HDD technique was to resolve the issues of underground system installation. It is applied in areas with challenging urban settings, busy highways, railway lines, and river crossings. However, when HDD becomes more affordable and equipment models get refined, Horizontal Directional Drilling turns out to be the best process for installing products or systems in the ground. When compared to open trenches, HDD is a cost-saving option. Currently, HDD has applications in various industries like oil, gas, electricity, and fibre optic.

The way how HDD works is easily understandable. A drill rig spins a string while driving it through surfaces. The drill string comprises a cutting head and rods. The string tracking method is of different types. An employer uses a locator and walks over the path, or a string line returns the surface.

The cutting head triggers steering. While the string reaches the preset exit point, the operator pulls the backreamer back to make the hole larger. The pipe is dragged through the bore. It is essential to use drilling fluids for lubrication purposes. The chosen fluids also keep the cutting head cool. The bore also gains stability, and the drilling spoils are easily removable. The overall process helps in restoring the original exit and entry locations.

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 Innovations in the HDD sector

There has been rapid growth in the HDD industry since the days of using trenchless pipe-laying. The latest technological innovations allow improved and optimized drill rig performance. Simultaneously, their additional features lead to higher efficiency and accuracy. Nowadays, directional drilling methods have become a popular choice for conduit and utility pipe installation.

Continuous innovations have also removed earlier issues and limitations. The processes and equipment are easily available. No doubt, trenchless pipe-laying works better than traditional trenching procedures. Have a glance at different technologies that have transformed the industry.

  • Drilling rigs with a self-contained system

Originally, drill rigs had individual units for the drill pipe connection and power. In large and complicated projects, it is challenging to keep the central component detached from the main source of power. That is why you can use self-contained models to solve these issues. A single machine includes the pipe, power source, and rig.

  • Intersecting Horizontal Directional Drilling

Modern drill rigs have better capacities and improved mechanisms for underground guiding. You can drill at various lengths using your directional drilling techniques. Drill rigs start functioning on different ends and converge at the centre of the intersection.

  • HDD navigation

There is a significant advancement in the systems for directional drilling guiding. More sophisticated and advanced tracking allows operators to track the pipe location accurately.

  • Fusible pipes

The directional drilling sector involves using PVC pipes for development. It has resolved issues (like pipe bursting) related to the older trenchless technology. Pipes are easily installable in different segments. You can also insert them underground. This is how you will be able to minimize bursting and improve the implementation and acceptance of directional drilling.

The HDD market has witnessed signs of growth and improvement. There has been a shift from the open-cut method to trenchless technology. As HDD is the most significant trenchless solution, it is used for several projects. Modern equipment for directional drilling is more compact and powerful. Some machines have electrically-powered motors that drive systems on-site.

Besides, you can notice considerable advancement in the directional drilling tracking process. Originally, magnetometers were the only solutions. However, due to the effect of ferrous materials, gyroscopic systems have gained popularity.

Equipment used for HDD projects

You must use some tools to make your directional boring process successful. With several features, every element has distinctive advantages. The chosen tools will help you deal with the HDD process efficiently. The most common tools are

HDD Milled Pilot Bits- Using these bits, you can drill deep. There is no risk of damaging the elements, which have closed the interior to high pressure. The most common features are a greased bearing, comprehensive armor protection, hard metal teeth, and a compensation system.

Pilot bits with medium and small diameters-

They are available with features like frictional bearing, fluid nozzles, and different cutting structures. Some large pilot bits help you drill quickly and affordably. Industry-standard sealed bearing is one of the innovative features of the system.

Random Bit Cutters– These components reduce the vibration issue of the machine. Using these cutters, you can make penetration deeper. The most prominent features are random cutting and jet nozzles.

HDD Bit Kits– The main function of these kits is to develop cutting tools (like hole openers. The most significant features are fluid nozzles and frictional bearing.

Which industries benefit from HDD technology?

Oil and gas

Horizontal Directional Drilling has different applications in the oil and gas sector. HDD is useful for installing lines, replacing pipes, and re-injecting water lines. This technology boosts the yield of oil wells. Besides, you can rely on HDD for areas where pipelines have to be re-routed. Some contractors use it for access road installation.

Oil and gas agencies hire directional drilling specialists to reduce the environmental effect and control the well site development project. HDD experts are resources for oil companies, as they are vital in improving production. One of the major benefits of using HDD technology is eficientfwaste management.

Communication sector

Communication companies have found it advantageous to use HDD systems. The industry relies on directional drilling specialists to set up cable TV lines and fiber optics. By applying this process, companies can avoid creating trenches. They will save time and reduce environmental disruption.

An underground communication infrastructure also uses HDD for installing lines and different projects. The technology is helpful in different areas where it is costly to access the property if a trench is made by conventional processes.

Real Estate Industry

The property sector uses HDD for several reasons. Professionals in this industry consider HDD to be a money-saving, time-saving, and eco-friendly solution. Developers also use this technique while installing utilities before constructing a new project. For instance, they need HDD systems before installing sewer lines and electric lines.

Directional drilling plays several other roles in the real estate sector. Builders use them for drilling under driveways and sideways. They want to prevent any disturbance to the existing setup to install underground pools. The innovative technology enables them to make the renovation project faster.

Although HDD equipment is the most useful thing, you should consider some additional requirements. You will need a CDL driver, trailer, and truck. Other common essentials include a vacuum truck and a fluid mix system. What’s more, you should comply with industry standards while dealing with site restoration and fluid disposal processes.

The most important factors for using HDD

As you need to deal with HDD technology, you should focus on some relevant facts-

Choose the appropriate equipment: HDD is a specialized technology, and a reliable dealer lets you find the right equipment to accomplish your project. You should select the proper size for your HDD rig because undersized models are not powerful. On the other hand, oversized systems will leave a considerable footprint. Sometimes, the difference is so subtle that you cannot notice it.

Understand the organizations providing help: It includes suppliers and dealers who provide services and parts to prevent downtime. Training is also important to make the best use of HDD equipment. Although your employees are skilled at using other pieces of equipment, they need special training. Only information exchange cannot be a substitute for structured training. Some dealers provide training on how to use HDD systems.

Know the market: Investing in the right equipment is possible only when you understand its function. The market is dynamic, and the equipment you have chosen today may not be helpful in the future. That is why you should make a decision based on the market condition.

These few factors will help you invest in the best HDD system.


The HDD sector has gained maturity in recent years. Learn about the latest technologies used for HDD. Installing HDD systems does not need entry/exit pits. Contractors have to install the piping at an angle. The easier access is the biggest advantage of this directional drilling technique. Besides, you can leverage benefits from curved trajectories. Older construction methods with trenchless technology depend only on a straight line. You can connect with the best HDD system provider and buy the right product.

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