China MI Swaco Mongoose Screen Replacement Screen

Modern industries use sophisticated tools and techniques to make their job easier and more cost-effective. A shale shaker screen refers to one such mechanical screen used in the oil and drilling industry to separate solids obtained during the drilling process. It can take separate the solids from drilling fluids. A shale shaker has a vibrating or moving screen of stainless steel, polyurethane, or composite frame. It can separate the solids from the mud by straining to ensure easy disposal of the cuttings.

Shale shakers have become the common solids removal equipment used in several industries for efficient solid waste removal. Using various shale shakers like Mongoose Pro can lower operating costs during drilling projects. It is perfect in oil and drilling when you use the liquid as a drilling fluid. Mongoose PRO dynamic refers to the shale shaker with dual motion combining balanced and elliptical motion. It allows the operators to switch motion according to the change in the drilling conditions. Operators can shift from balanced elliptical motion to progressive-elliptical motion by flipping a switch provided on the Mongoose Pro shaker. It eliminates the need to shut down or suspend the shaker operations. This shaker allows the operators to change the motion type as required according to the drilling conditions. It means operators can produce or handle high-volume dryer cuttings as per requirements. The Mongoose Pro shaker can avoid NPT loss due to changing the shakers according to the requirements of the drilling conditions.

Working Of MI Swaco Mongoose Shale Shakers

Mongoose shale shaker belongs to the latest solids control equipment including the latest technology. Incorporating innovative technology in the shale shakers ensures better solids and fluids handling capacity. The shakers can also ensure more than 40% of fluid recovery than the previous generation of MI SWACO shale shakers.

The Mongoose series of the shaker has the combined motion of balanced-elliptical and progressive-elliptical. They are locked in a position using fixed weights. This construction makes it easier for the operator to switch motion on the swing weights. Operators can switch the voltages according to the project requirements.

Integrating the cuttings separator and screen pulse fluid can reduce overall oil on cuttings. It can reduce the whole mud on the cuttings. Using this shale shaker can reduce waste by 25%. The Mongoose shale shaker’s balanced-elliptical motion has high force. Due to the high force, it becomes easier to move a high volume of solids across the shaker screen. Also, the motion can boost conveyance rates and increase shaker fluid capacity. Therefore, the shaker can process heavier solids. The shaker’s motion efficiency also makes it easier to achieve higher processing rates. It can minimize haul-off costs by increasing the dryness of cuttings.

MI SWACO Mongoose Screen Replacement Screen

Mongoose screen replacement screen remains part of the Mongoose shale shakers. The shale shakers from the Mongoose series can meet the solids control requirements of various industries.  You can find the Mongoose screen replacement screen as a part of the shale shakers from the Mongoose series. MI SWACO has introduced this series in the market to meet the solid control requirements in various industries. You can find the screen in the pre-tensioned steel frame screen and composite frame screen. Customers can choose the screen based on their requirements. Composite shaker screen tends to have higher durability. They can offer their service for a longer time. Composite screen tends to have a better appearance and ensure operational convenience.

Fixing MI Swaco Mongoose Screen Replacement Screen

Operators apply the MI Mongoose screen replacement screen to the shale shakers using wedge fastening equipment. It has a high-strength square steel tube welded to the shaker’s multi-ribbed construction. The screen replacement screen frame ensures reliability and sturdiness. The steel screen construction includes bonding two or three stainless steel layers to the steel support plank. Steel frame construction may have accessary rubber plugs to repair tears or rips. It reduces downtime and production costs. The stainless screen construction has the following benefits:

  • The various layers of the screen have different densities. When arranged with precision, it can enhance the screening effect of the shale shaker.
  • The stainless screen has a high-strength frame, moderate tension mesh clothes, and multi-ribs. It is a potent combination to increase the acceptable flow of the screen, its intensity, and its lifetime.
  • The erection of the screen becomes handier and quicker with the use of a wedge-shaped fastening device.
  • The division of stainless-steel mesh into independent small units can prevent tears or rips.

While the composite screen construction includes the use of glass fiber in the polypropylene frame. It also uses a high-strength internal reinforced structure. A trusted manufacturer can use innovative technology to melt one or more layers of stainless-steel wire clothes into the polymeric frame surface directly. The benefits of the composite screen include the following:

  • It reduces downtime.
  • It has improved QHSE consideration.
  • You can expect enhanced operational life.
  • The Composite screen may not face the risk of delamination or rusting.
  • It can reduce screen-replacement costs.
  • Repairing composite screens may seem quick and easy.
  • You can get it with ease from a trusted manufacturer.
  • A Composite screen has a rugged construction.

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Reasons To Choose Solids Control World

With the oil and drilling industry flourishing, the need for high-quality shale shaker screens has increased. Also, other industries like mining use shale shaker screens in their projects. It means you can find several platforms promising to deliver superior quality solids control equipment. Then, why select Solids Control World? Solids Control World tries to meet the expectations of the clients by providing them best services. The high standards of customer service have made this platform popular among clients. A team of professionals with expertise and skill maintains transparency while providing their services. You can access services from experts at competitive prices. It means you may never have to compromise the quality of the equipment while buying it at cost-effective prices. A well-trained team dedicates its services to ensuring the final product meets the client’s vision. You can access drilling solutions and get different equipment for solid control to meet the project’s needs. The expert team can provide services classified into three types:

Pre-Sales Services

The drilling requirement of each project may vary. Equipment suiting the needs of one project may not suit the other. A team of experts at Solids Control World can work with the customers to understand their requirements and guide them to the perfect equipment to complete their project. The experts with experience can work to identify the best equipment needed to complete the project within the specified deadline. Consultation with the experts can leave the customers with a clear mind and competitive proposals. So, they can access services without compromising on equipment quality.

Current Project Services

You can get a free consultation from the experts at Solids Control World to determine the ideal equipment for your project completion. The professional can also offer services to complete the installation, steps to use, and maintenance of equipment selected by the clients. The current project services include:

  • Provide information to clients for a better understanding of the equipment by giving access to in-depth documentation. Users following the guidelines can ensure the correct use of the equipment for increased safety and efficiency.
  • Clients can understand the installation and equipment running process with the customer-specific procedures compiled by the experts.
  • Connect with a customer liaison contact to get assistance to complete the installation and usage of equipment without doubts.

After Sales Services

You can access the after-sales services offered by Solids Control World to maintain the efficiency of the equipment purchased. The inefficiency of the equipment may not cause the incompletion of your project as the expert team can deliver the following services:

  • One-year guarantee for the equipment with free service when you commission the equipment for the first time.
  • Get support from the technical team 24×7 by calling the number provided to overcome hurdles. You can also get support online by sending mail or sending a query on the website.
  • Access ten-year validity and maintenance for spare parts of listed equipment.

Get in touch with the experts at Solids Control World to get a China MI Swaco Mongoose Screen replacement screen of high quality at affordable prices. The reputed solids control equipment provider can offer customized solutions to meet your project needs. You can access the support team for technical assistance or defect report. Incorporate innovative technology in your project by connecting with the experts.