What are oil-water separator systems using hydro cyclones?

What are oil-water separator systems using hydro cyclones?

In several industrial operations, you may see water contaminated by oil droplets. The microscopic oil droplets in the water can impact industrial operations. It can also impact the wastewater solution. It becomes tough to extract oil droplets from wastewater. Hence, industries may find it hard to dump or reuse wastewater. But, using high-quality equipment can help separate the oil from the wastewater.

Many governments have placed regulatory organizations to detect wastewater management by industries. It checks if the industry has managed and disposed of the water safely. Non-compliance with wastewater discharge standards can get punishment and penalization by the government. Among the various methods used for oil removal from water, hydro cyclone oil separation has more popularity.

About Hydro Cyclone Oil-Water Separators

It is the equipment using an aqueous solution as the basic product to separate the oil and water based on the difference in gravity. This equipment, also referred to as enhanced gravity separators can remove oil droplets using centrifugal force. Hence, the oily water remains free from oil.

Unlike the dust or dry cyclones that separate solids from gases, this equipment separates solids or liquids with various phases from bulk fluid. The construction of the hydro cyclone system has three parts. It has a cylindrical feed part having a tangential feel, the overflow feed coming with a vortex finder, and a conical part having an apex. The system has no moving parts. To ensure the proper working of the system, you must consider the following factors:

  • The design of the system
  • The weight differential between the product phases
  • The shape of solid
  • The delivery rate of feed
  • The density of the medium

The counterpressure at the apex and overflow

Working Principle Of Hydro Cyclones Oil Separators

high quality cyclone separator supplier

high quality cyclone separator supplier

The hydro cyclone process system provides a cost-effective option to clean up wastewater for reuse or disposal. This system located directly downstream on the outlet of water of the production separator has a water level control valve upstream. The system operates based on the proportional pressure ratio.

Industries can inject the product tangentially into the system at a specific pressure. It may lead to causing a centrifugal force. It results in pushing the heavier phase to the downward and outward part of the wall of the system’s conical part. Due to the decreasing diameter of the conical part and increasing speed, you can see improved separation. It results in immiscible liquids like oil and water separating. The water remains in the heavy phase. Hence, it forces outward toward the system’s cyclone wall. While the oil phase remains lighter migrates toward the cone’s center. The apex of the system can discharge the concentrated solids.

The fluid present in the conically shaped housing’s center experiences fast spiral movement in the forward direction. It expels the fluid through the overflow outlet. Industries can control the pressure differential accurately across the hydro cyclone. It sends the water phase in one direction and the oil in the opposite direction. Therefore, this process can lead to a simple and effective separator with no moving part and a two to three-second retention time.

Advantages Of Using Hydro Cyclone Oil-Water Separators

Hydro cyclone oil-water separators refer to an effective, low-maintenance, and small water filtering system. Using this equipment, you can complete commercial and industrial applications demanding high-quality eater filtration in large quantities. Here are some of the benefits of using the equipment.

  • Compared to the standard separating system, this equipment remains 90% small.
  • It has no moving parts that can reduce the maintenance requirements.
  • The equipment has large flow rates. You can find equipment with flow rates ranging from two thousand to five hundred thousand liters per second.
  • The equipment comes pre-plumbed pre-wired
  • The equipment can remove small oil droplets of ten to fifteen microns. It is an advantage compared to the oil separators that could work only on forty to sixty microns.

Application Of Hydro Cyclone Oil-Water Separators

This equipment has high demand in several industries. Various industrial processes commonly used it. The petroleum industry uses hydro cyclone oil-water separators. Bilge water from ships and the metalworking industry also uses this equipment. It is also common in the food industry that works with oil, fats, and grease (FOG).

The Best Place To Buy Hydro Cyclones

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quality hydrocyclone separator manufacturer

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