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Model ABZJ101-1S ABZJ101-2S ABCSQ250-1S ABCSQ250-2S
Capacity ≤120m3/h(528GPM) ≤240m3/h(1056GPM) ≤120m3/h(528GPM) ≤240m3/h(1056GPM)
D-SANDER hydra cyclones 1×10″ (250mm) 2×10″ (250mm) 1×10″ (250mm) 2×10″ (250mm)
D-SILTER hydra cyclones N/A N/A N/A N/A
Matching Pump 30kw (40hp) 55kw (73hp) 30kw (40hp) 55kw (73hp)
Rated Motors Output 0.4 kw(O.53hp)x2 (OLI) 0.4 kw(O.53hp)x2 (OLI) 0.4 kw(O.53hp)X1 (OLI) 0.4 kw(O.53hp)X1 (OLI)
Output Force ≤7.0 Gs ≤7.0 Gs ≤6.5 Gs ≤6.5 Gs
Operating Temperature 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F)
Design Range -40-50°C (-40-122°F) -40-50°C (-40-122°F) -40-50°C (-40-122°F) -40-50°C (-40-122°F)
Noise Data 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA
Screen Size 585×1165 mm 585×1165 mm 600X1600 mm 600X1600 mm
Screen Qty 1pc 1pc 1pc 1pc
Filtering Area 0.70m2(7.8ft2) 0.70m2(7.8ft2) 1 m2 (ft2) 1 m2 (ft2)
Screen Mesh API 120/150/175 API 120/150/175 API 120/150/175 API 120/150/175
Weight 750 950 750 780
Dimension 1465x1510x2390 1450x1390x2320 1465x1510x2390 1465x1510x2390
Voltage 220-240V/ 50Hz, 380-415V/ 50Hz, 440-480V/ 60Hz, 575-600V/ 60Hz
Approvals UL/ATEX/BV/IADC/JAS-ANZ ISO 9001:2015


It is equipment that is used to separate the sand and slit from the drilling fluid. it is used especially in work-related construction. They are usually installed by the constructors on the top of the mud tank to separate the sand and slit from the fluid that is used for drilling.


There are various features of Desander that can make it beneficial for construction. Some of the best features of our desander are given below.

Overall there are four models of desander present that you can purchase. The models available are ABZJ101-1S, ABZJ101-2S, ABCSQ250-1S, ABCSQ250-2S.

It has a greater capacity for each of the models however it varies. The Capacity for the model ABZJ101-1S and ABCSQ250-1S is smaller than or equal to 120m3/h(528GPM).

It has a huge output force that can make it more efficient while construction. 

The screen size for each model is large which is around 585×1165 mm and 600×1600mm. 

Screen Qty for all the models of desander is 1pc. 

It can work on both moderate and high voltage depending upon the model that you are using. 

This is an approved product that will make our construction experience convenient. 

The minimum weight of the desander is 750 and the maximum is 950. 

The temperature on which you should operate is 30°C or 86°F. 

While using the desander you will receive the noise data of around 75-85 dBA.

For each of the models, the design range is -40-50°C. 


It doesn’t weigh much which means it will be convenient to use. 

We have 4 models available which give you the freedom to choose the model of your choice. 

The output force is best enabling you to get done with your construction work in lesser and quality time. 

The noise data is kept in range; this means it will not give rise to excessive noise pollution. 

For each model, there is a matching pump with large efficiency to make your work easier. 

It can work on low to high voltages which means you can work anywhere in an available voltage. 

The desander that we provide is approved which means it is very efficient and one of the best qualities. 

Final thoughts

We provide desander in 4 different models which promise quality and best features. You can choose the desander of your choice by taking a look at its features and benefits according to your requirements.

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