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Jet mud mixer


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Capacity 280m3/h 240m3/h 180m3/h 120m3/h 60m3/h
Pressure 0.25~0.40Mpa 0.25~0.40Mpa 0.25~0.40Mpa 0.25~0.40Mpa 0.25~0.40Mpa
Inlet 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 100mm
Nozzer Caliber 50mm 50mm 40mm 35mm 25mm
Hopper Diameter 750x750mm 750x750mm 650x650mm 600x600mm 500x500mm
Burden Speed ≤150Kg/min ≤120Kg/min ≤100Kg/min ≤60Kg/min ≤40Kg/min
Density ≤2.8g/cm3 ≤2.8g/cm3 2.4g/cm3 ≤2.0g/cm3 ≤1.5g/cm3
Viscosity ≤120s ≤120s ≤100s ≤80s ≤60s


Jet mud mixer is used in industries especially for construction.  it is heavy-duty equipment that is used to increase the weight of the liquids especially by adding Bentonite. They are also used for changing the viscosity of a liquid along with the density of the fluid. It also performs the function of dehydration in a place where you want to remove water.


There are many features of a Jet mud mixer that are given below. You can have a look to get a better idea of our product.

5 models are available with us. Each model is best in design and efficiency. It varies in different characteristics that are specific about each type. 

Each model allows a specific density of fluid which can be very beneficial while using. It comes in various densities which makes it very effective.

Each model has its pressure. You can purchase according to your requirement and need for a specific task that you are trying to perform. It depends on many factors. 

For two of the models, the nozzle Caliber is 50mm while for the others it is 25mm, 35mm and 40mm 

Each model has a different viscosity for a specific type of fluid. You can choose according to your requirement.  Jet mud mixers are mostly used to change the viscosity of the fluid. You must keep the certain viscosity that you want to add to the fluid in mind before purchasing the model.   


You can achieve various benefits from the Jet mud mixer. Some of the most important benefits are given below.

It allows you to have proper control while Changing the density and viscosity of fluid 

It is very affordable and also provides efficiency.

The weight of the Jet mud mixer is very light which makes it very convenient. 

It can change the density of fluid in different compartments which makes it very convenient. 

You can regulate the flow according to your own choice

Our Jet mud mixers are high quality that will last longer than you think. 

They are very easy and convenient to use. 

Some of the best features and benefits that you can achieve by using our Jet mud mixers are mentioned. You can have a look at our product and purchase according to your requirements from the number of models available. They are beneficial for many industrial and commercial purposes.