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Model ABYD203
Diameter of burner DN200mm
Burner height 3m
Ignition voltage 16KV
Ignition frequency 100~1000times/min


A flare ignition device is a handy tool to light the wasted gas in the industry of oil and gas. This tool is being used to burn poisonous or harmful gas by igniter which will ensure the safety of the environment and eliminate the threat.


Do you want to know some of the most amazing features that are making flare ignition light a preferable option? Let’s have a look at its key features given below:

Burner torch

The burner torch is made of stainless steel. It means that you can utilize this device for years without any wear and tear. Even more, the stainless-steel build makes it stronger and more reliable in a more effective way.

Automatic flare ignition

The flare system of this device is undoubtedly the most important feature to consider. This flare ignition device can offer you an automatic flare ignition system that can offer support as well as spare the supply service for previous equipment with ease.

Mature design

This flare ignition light comes up with a mature design that contains a burner that is 3m high. While the diameter of its burner is about DN200mm. All of these specifications are highly helpful in successful and secure job site performance in the best possible way.


Here are some of the most important benefits of this device that you must know to see how it is suitable for you:

It offers an extended service life. Most amazingly, it doesn’t come up with any kind of flare deck maintenance requirements. 

You can easily use this highly reliable flare ignition light for years to come without any problem. 

Sparks are going to ignite all of its flare tips within its spark radius. 

This flare ignition device is more often connected with the mud separator. When this device works it is going to flare the wasted gas accurately and in timely. As a result, it will eliminate the harm of people and the environment. 

To maximize the performance and reliability of this system, a suitable pilot burner as well as an associated flame monitoring tool is recommended.

Flare Ignition Device, or Flare Igniter as it is commonly referred to, is a crucial component in the solid control process. This solid control equipment is used to dispose of the tail gas of the oil refinery. Flare Ignition Device burns the noxious gas and ensures a safe and protected environment. The ignition is controlled via a control panel which can be found at the foot of the device, on the pipe. There is a small tank present in the Flare Ignition Device, the purpose of which is to store natural gas. This natural gas is critical as it is used for ignition.

The Flare Ignition Device is used in conjunction with the Mud Gas Separator. Together they process the combustible gas that is present on the drilling site. The gas which the Mud Gas Separator separates is guided out by the Gas outlet present in that device and then treated with the Flare Ignition Device. For safety reasons, a hose is utilized to ensure that the distance between the Flare Ignition Device and the drilling site is at least 50 meters.

Main features of the Flare Ignition Device

  • Small control panel
  • Tank for storage
  • Hose