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 Model  Flow(m3/h)  Lift(m)  Speed(r/min)  Efficiency(%)  Power(KW)
AB50YZ20-18 20 18 1450 42 3
AB50YZ40-10 40 10.5 1450 47 4
AB50YZ50-12 60 10.8 1450 55 5.5
AB80YZ50-20 60 18 1450 48 7.5
AB80YZ80-20B 80 13.4 1450 51 7.5
AB80YZ80-20A 90 15 1450 51 11
AB100YZ100-30 100 31 1450 54 22
AB100YZ100-30A 110 24 1450 54 18.5
AB100YZ160-38B 164 26 1450 50 30
AB150YZ250-40B 240 24 1450 50 37
AB150YZ250-40A 270 30 1450 51 45


These are heavy-duty pumps that are very beneficial for pumping all types of heavy liquids that contain solid particles.  They can be used for multiple purposes like industrial, construction, sewage, etc. people who are linked to these professions know the importance of submersible slurry pumps.


There are multiple features of submersible slurry pumps that are specially manufactured by us.  Let’s have a look at some of the most promising features.

Models of submersible slurry pumps

We provide 13 types of submersible slurry pumps which are used for different industrial purposes. You can choose the model of your choice according to your requirements.

Maximum flow and Lift

Submersible slurry pumps are used for regulating the flow of fluid especially the one that has a large number of solid particles. This is why the maximum flow and lift of our product is very high making it more efficient.

Maximum Efficiency and speed

The speed of the water is also one of the most important features of the submersible slurry pump. We have taken care of it by providing the greatest maximum efficiency and speed to our submersible slurry pumps. It is an excellent choice for moving the fluid that contains large particles, especially in Industrial and commercial work.


There are various benefits of submersible slurry pumps, especially in the industrial sector.

Submersible slurry pumps are very convenient for the movement of fluid having large solid particles. 

They are heavy-duty pumps that are used for significant purposes. without submersible slurry pumps it is very difficult to move fluid containing large particles 

You can complete your task faster by using a submersible slurry pump.

We provide some of the most amazing variety of submersible slurry pumps that you can get at affordable prices. 

The efficiency and output of submersible slurry pumps provided by us are very high which can make your industrial task convenient and easy.

It will save a lot of time which can be invested by you in other various tasks.

They are very beneficial for people working in industries, construction sites, and sewage companies. 

Submersible slurry pumps are very beneficial when it comes to performing industrial tasks. Some of the most prominent features and benefits that can be provided to you by our products are described. You can have a look at our huge variety of submersible slurry pumps and purchase the product according to your requirement.

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