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Model ABZJ85-1S8N ABZJ70-3S16N ABZJ70-3S ABZJ70-16N
Capacity 120m3/h (528GPM) ≤360m3/h (1584GPM) ≤360m3/h (1584GPM) ≤360m3/h (1584GPM)
Matching Shaker BWZS85-2P BWZS70-3P BWZS70-3P BWZS70-3P
D-SANDER hydracyclones 1×10′ (250mm) 3×10″ (250mm) 3×10″ (250mm) N/A
D-SILTER hydra cyclones 8×4″(100mm) 16×4″ (100mm) N/A 16×4″ (100mm)
Matching Pump 30kw (40hp) 75kw(100hp) 75kw(100hp) 75kw(100hp)
Rated Motors 1.0kw(1.35hp) 1.5kw(2.0hp) 1.5kw(2.0hp) 1.5kw(2.0hp)
Output x2 (OLI ) x2 (OLI ) x2(OLI ) x2 (OLI )
Output Force ≤7.0 Gs ≤7.5 Gs ≤7.5 Gs ≤7.5 Gs
Operating Temperature 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F) 30°C (86°F)
Design Range -40-50℃ -40-50℃ -40-50℃ -40-50℃
(-40-122°F) (-40-122°F) (-40-122°F) (-40-122°F)
Noise Date 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA 75-85 dBA
Deck Adjustment -1°-+3° -1°-+5° -1°-+5° -1°-+5°
Screen Material Metal frame Metal frame Metal frame Metal frame
Screen Size 850×1250 mm 700×1250 mm 700×1250 mm 700×1250 mm
Screen Qty 2pcs 3pcs 3pcs 3pcs
Filtering Area 2.1m2 (23.5ft2) 2.62m2 (29.2ft2) 2.62m2 (29.2ft2) 2.62m2 (29.2ft2)
Screen Mesh API 120/150/175 API 120/150/175 API 120/150/175 API 120/175/200
Weight 1580kg 2230 Kg 2300kg 2260kg
Dimension 1975x1884x1585 2403x1965x2240 2540x1950x2250 2540x1950x2000
Voltage 220-240V/ 50Hz, 380-415V/ 50Hz, 440-480V/ 60Hz, 575-600V/ 60Hz
Approvals UL/ATEX/BV/IADC/JAS-ANZ ISO 9001:2015/CE
Remark 10″D-SANDER hydracy1one:90-120m3/h (396-528 GPM)4″ D-SILTER hydracylcone: 15-20 m3/h (66-88GPM)


A mud cleaner is a versatile device that is used to separate big solid components and other slurry materials from drilled mud. In this article, we’re going to talk about the Mud Cleaner from Solids Control World.


There are many features of the Mud Cleaner from Solids Control World. Some of the most important ones are highlighted below.

Efficient Design Range

This mud cleaner comes in different design ranges. Typically, these ranges are in between -40-50℃. Ranges like these make this mud cleaner more efficient and offer versatility in every situation.


The motors of this mud cleaner are branded and approved by UL/ATEX/BV/IADC/JAS-ANZ. Approvals and certifications from branded companies like these make this mud cleaner a reliable choice.

 Suitable Mesh Size

This mud cleaner comes in many different models, each has its own screen mesh size. These mesh sizes range from API 120/150/175 to API 120/175/200. This is one of the most important features of this mud cleaner as this allows it to make mesh sizes much finer and precise.  Moreover, these mesh counts help to avoid redundant expansion and breakage of the screen. Mesh sizes like these also allow the mud drilling and filtering process to be done in a more effective, and efficient way.


There are numerous benefits of this cleaner from Solids Control World out of which some of the most effective ones are listed below.

Less noise

The noise date of this cleaner ranges from 75 – 85 dBA. This property of this mud cleaner allows this mud cleaner to drill, mix, and filter the drilling fluid quietly. Due to this, the process is done conveniently without harming or disturbing the environment.

 Perfect Operating Temperature Range

This cleaner operates within the temperature value of 30°C (86°F). This makes this mud cleaner safe and desirable to use. Moreover, this temperature value is perfectly achievable no matter what the environment is. Hence, by using this mud cleaner, the mud drilling process isn’t delayed.

 Matching Pump

This cleaner comes in different models and with each model, you’re given its matching pump. This allows the mud cleaning process to be done faster, efficiently, and more conveniently.


If you want to be convenient and feel comfortable in your mud cleaning, drilling, and filtering process then make sure to check out the mud cleaner process from Solids Control World. Also checkout Desander from our store.