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Model ABJQB6545 ABJQB6535
Flow 120m³/h 100m³/h
Lift 45 m 35m
Power 55Kw 37Kw
Speed 1450r/min 1450r/min
Weight 980Kg 800Kg


Shear pumps are mostly used in manufacturing fluids like oil. Most of the industries prefer to produce oil along with water for which liquids have to be dispersed.

Shear pumps are used for creating shear forces that are effective in dispersing the liquids that have different densities and molecular structures. Shear pumps are widely preferred by most people working for industries and factories.


There are various features of shear pumps that can make them effective while performing an industrial task especially dispersing fluid.

There are two models of shear pumps available for our customers. You can choose the shear pump according to your choice and convenience.

The most prominent feature of any shear pump is how much fluid it allows to pass per meter cube hour. We have designed the shear pumps in such a way that can provide a high flow of fluid with a huge shear force that is very efficient in dispersing the fluid.

The power and efficiency of any Machine are directly proportional to each other. We have designed our share pumps at high power that makes them very efficient. You can finish your tasks easily by using shear pumps for dispersing any kind of liquid. 

Shear pumps are used for creating shear forces that require high speed. One of the features of our product is its high speed for producing an efficient shear force that can make the Dispersion of liquid very easy and fast. 


You can get various benefits by using shear pumps that are specially designed for the manufacturing of fluids that should be dispersed evenly.

Shear pumps can make your production faster because they provide high dispersion of fluid having different densities.

They are very efficient in performing high-quality Services by reducing the best shear force.

It has a high power which can make it efficient and convenient to use.

The shear pumps manufactured by us are very affordable and high quality.

You can complete your industrial task in less time which means you can save a lot of time by using a shear pump.

Shear Pumps are an essential piece of equipment and part of the mud cleaning process. It is a mechanical device that is used for the purpose of pumping liquid and semi-solids. The principle used for the device to work is the high shear force that is produced in between the working head. A Shear Pump simply uses a high-speed rotor powered by an electric motor. They work on the fluid, creating a flow and shear.

The shear pumps have a hydration system attached, which quickly cuts and dilutes hydrated polymers. A unique mechanical composite steel technology is used in the shear pump to ensure that there is no leakage. The high wear-resistant metallic materials are used for the impellers and the casing, which prolongs their service life. The Impeller is structured in a way that is according to the principle of fluid mechanics and results in increased liquidity. The low shear force results in the efficient working of this Shear Pump. Now, check the features and buy a shear pump at highly affordable prices.

Main Features of Shear Pump

  • Impeller
  • Hydration system
  • High-speed rotor
  • Electric motor
  • A power device



We provide the best shear pumps in two models that can be used by the workers in industries. They are very efficient in dispersing Fluids with different densities. You can use the best quality shear pumps that promise quality and various features. Various benefits will be very significant for your production.

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