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Screw-conveyor works on a specific mechanism that moves granular particles and liquid. It is mostly used for constructive and industrial purposes in most companies. It uses a rotating helical screw blade which is also called flighting. People who are associated with industrial work know the importance of screw-conveyors.


You can get a lot of features while using our screw-conveyor. Some of the most important features of a screw-conveyor are described below.

You can get a lot of models in screw-conveyor. We manufacture a lot of models according to the requirement and needs of various sites of construction.

The flow of fluid and granular particles

The flow of fluid and granular particles is determined and very even while using a conveyor. For every model, there is a specific flow of Material. The even and smooth flow of material will make your mechanical work easier.

The efficiency of the screw-conveyor

A conveyor that is manufactured by us is very efficient while performing the task. They will not lose efficiency even after a long time. You can use it for a longer time without causing any damage to it.

Output and input power

Our conveyor comes with a huge output and input power which makes them very effective while working. For each of the models, the output and input power varies according to the requirement.

Rotating speed

As the conveyor works on the phenomena of Rotational kinetic energy, it requires a huge rotating speed. You can get our screw-conveyor with a high rotating speed for each of the models.


You can achieve various benefits from the conveyor. Some of the most important benefits are given below.

It allows you to have proper control while having the movement of fluid and granular particles. 

It is very affordable and also provides efficiency.

The weight of the conveyor is very light which makes it very convenient. 

It can allow the movement of fluid and granular particles in different compartments which makes it very convenient. 

You can regulate the flow according to your own choice

Our conveyor is high quality that will last longer than you think. 

They are very easy and convenient to use. 

Some of the best features and benefits that you can achieve by using our conveyor are mentioned. You can have a look at our product and purchase according to your requirements from the number of models available. They are beneficial for many industrial and commercial purposes.

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