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Model ABLW450X842N ABLW450X1250N ABLW355X1250N ABLW365G ABLW365GA/FD
Bowl Diameter 450mm 450mm 355mm 365mm 365mm
Bowl Length 842mm 1000mm 1250mm 1250mm 1250mm
Bowl Speed 1800rpm 2200rpm 3200rpm 3500rpm 0-3500rpm
G-Force 815 1220 2035 2500 2500
Separation Point 5~7μm 5~7μm 2~5μm 2-5μm 2-5μm
Main Drive 22Kw-4p 30Kw-4p 30Kw-4p 37Kw-4p 37Kw-4p
Back Drive 5.5Kw-4p 7.5Kw-4p 7.5Kw-4p 7.5Kw-4p 7.5Kw-4p
Max Capacity ≤40m3/h ≤60m3/h ≤40m3/h ≤40m3/h ≤40m3/h
Weight 2950 3150 2850 2950 2950
Dimension 2380x1560x1350 2540x1560x1350 2810x1490x1350 3412x1600x1875 3412x1600x1875
Approvals UL/ATEXBV/IADC/JAS-ANZ ISO 9001:2015/CE
Model ABLW520-2080 ABLW650B ABLW760G
Bowl Diameter (mm) 520 650 760
Bowl Length (mm) 2080 2200 3192
Bowl Speed (r/min) 3000 2800 2650
G-Force 2610 2851 3000
Separation Point (pm) 2-5 2-5 2-5
Main Drive (kw) 45 (explosion proof) 75 132
Back Drive (kw) 18.5 (explosion proof) 22 37
Max Capacity (m²/h) 10-30 30-60 (It depends on the actual concentration of the material) ≤118
Weight (kgs) 5000 6800 12000
Dimension (mm) 4537x1248x1429 4583x1583x1710 6800x1930x2040


People who are working for industries must know the importance of decanter-centrifuge. It provides a high rotational speed which is very helpful and in separating different components that have different densities. Components of different densities are separated by decanter-centrifuge very effectively.

Features of Decanter-centrifuge

There are various features provided by our decanter-centrifuge. Some of the most prominent features are described below.


We manufacture our decanter in various models because we understand the requirement that is needed in different types of industrial tasks. There are a total of five models available that can be used for a variety of tasks.

Weight of the decanter-centrifuge

It mostly comes in heavyweights but our products are relatively lighter. The minimum weight is 2950 while the maximum weight that you can observe is around 3150. This makes it very convenient and easy to handle.

Maximum capacity

Decanter-centrifuge provides a high maximum capacity that makes it more efficient. The maximum capacity that you can observe in our product is less than or equal to 60m3/h.

Approved product

We manufacture a decanter that has been approved for years. It is very effective and efficient making your industrial work convenient and easy.

Separation point

Decanter-centrifuge is used for the separation of components like solid, liquid gases having different densities. This is why the separation point matters a lot when it comes to decanter. We take care of it while making our product. The maximum separation point is 5-7 μm.


You can get amazing benefits while using our Decanter-centrifuge for your industrial tasks.

They are very convenient for separating components having different densities. 

 You can easily separate the solids liquids and gases that are mostly mixed in one compartment.

 It has a huge efficiency that makes it very preferable for performing industrial tasks.

They can make your work faster and convenient. 

They are very handy and affordable you can use them for any purpose because there are different models available. 

The main and back drive of our Decanter-centrifuge is very high making it best for separating components having different densities. 


Decanter-centrifuge is a powerful tool that is very significant in industries. You can purchase it at affordable prices. You take care of all the requirements that you are looking for while manufacturing our product. It promises a lot of features and benefits that you should not miss.

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